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This is the digital age, it’s the age of the internet and whether we like it or not, social networking plays a huge part in our work and everyday life, for me there is a small element of work but it mainly keeps me in touch with the people I love and friends I never want to lose contact with. There is many options out there for this but the one used by many is Facebook, I have Twitter Buzz and a few others but I mainly use Facebook because so many other do.

My relationship with Facebook has never been easy, sometimes their privacy terms are a little flaky and their claim use my photographs for their own needs had me considering if i should remove them but in the end i stuck with Facebook, and to be fair they improved in these aspects.

However the news that they are getting a dedicated data centre in Oregon which will mostly run on electricity from a coal powered power station has me thinking again.

I have always considered myself a green person, at a younger age my actions for the environment involved protest and fighting for what I believed in, these days I just do things more quietly, I still live close to the city not to need a car and in the house I am the recycling Nazi, I find that reducing my carbon footprint and living a normal life is pretty simple and each week I try to improve it one way.

But what happens when something that already is increasing your carbon footprint (computers are not green) gets much worse, is it time to stand up to your convictions and drop the offender? The answer for me may have to be yes because Facebook is knowingly moving to a polluting alternative. The reason for Oregon is because it has the right environment for an air-cooled data centre, however if they go through with their energy supplier then it will no longer be the right environment for my social networking.

However before that happens I’m letting my voice be heard and hoping that this can be avoided, there is other options for the company, they can still move their data centre Oregon and use another less polluting source, the area has a good few alternatives other than coal which im sure there CEO Mark Zuckerberg is aware of.

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Saint Dwynwyn

St Dwynwen

Over the past few years I have stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day, there is couple of reasons for this and the easiest one to point out is that I’ve been single on the day for the last few years and that once I left secondary school the idea of a secret valentine became counterproductive for my needs. The second reason is I see it as nothing more than a money-making scheme for Hallmark and so many others, the idea you can make money of someone’s feelings kind of sickens me, and so February the 14 is just another normal day for me.

Also, the story of St Valentine is by far the most un-romantic story that could exist for the official patron saint of lovers, apart from the fact he carried out his duties as a priest during the reign of the emperor Claudius and for that he died a martyr (beheaded after being beaten and stoned) there really is little else that connects him to the day of love. Along with other duties of being patron saint of lovers he is also patron saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, plague, travellers and young people. So unless I’m dating a young, epileptic, bee keeper with the plague I’m quite happy to cross this day of the calendar.

As a Welshman all is not lost, and I would extend this to all who find Valentine day most distasteful, for the today (25th of January) is St Dwynwen day, the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers. Saint Dwynwen Lived in Wales during the 5th century and fell in love with a man called Maelon Dafodrill, but she had already been promised by her father to marry someone else, heartbroken she begged god to help her forget him. Dwynwen fell asleep and she was visited by an angel, the angel gave her a potion that would help her forget Maelon and granted her three wishes however if she took the potion Maelon would be turned into a block of ice. Dwynwen took the potion and asked told the angel of her three wishes, the fist was that Maelon be thawed out; her second that God meet the hopes and dreams of true lovers; and third, that she should never marry. All three wishes were granted and in return as a mark of her thanks she devoted her life to god.

I am aware there is three versions of this story but that one is my favourite and shows that there is an alternative to all the fluffy bears, silly cards and the nauseating pink and red of Valentine’s day.

Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen Hapus!

Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser –

Dedicated to my Girlfriend who dislikes Valentines day as much as I do

In a world where my iPhone is my best friend and a good night in might involve learning some CSS for a future project, i feel that i have truly earned my nerd status.

However i can push that a little bit more by spending $50 on a CoA iPhone App

Im really tempted 🙂

Today is a good day for music fans.

Today true music lovers came out in force to say a huge “Fuck You” to Simon Cowell and the manufactured un-talented shite that wins the X-Factor shows year after year, Today Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” is the UK’s Christmas number one.

Now I’m not a huge RATM fan, but I’m even less of a fan of Simon Cowell, he has been allowed to cut the cultural throat of British music industry for far too long,  finally the people have come up with a way of stopping him and I’m delighted that social media has played its part.

Story here

This might be a first, a reporter at FOX news apologizing to Jon Stewart, ill let you savor the moment for a while….

Ok done?

Good then i can continue.

What i would like to ask is this, it acceptable for FOX to miss represent the news like this with no penalties?  can we regulate broadcasting companys without infringing on free speech?  and what is the difference between free speech and lying?

I’m now going to tactfully not answer any of the questions above, I am European after all and yes we do do things differently, we do over regulate but if the BBC or BSkyB had done this then i know they would face a backlash, they would also have to make a sincere apology to the public, for some reason i feel better knowing that. I’m all for free speech but i really do find lying to be distasteful, no real harm has come from this unlike some news that is spread around, this however gets me thinking, is there a credible news source in America anymore? (i’m not saying FOX is credible for one second) If so please point me towards it.

Then again i also have to accept this, if stuff like this did not happen then Jon Stewart would have no material and that would be Americans biggest loss.

I was walking my friends daughter to school this morning, it was a crisp fresh morning and we walked down a small pathway surrounded by trees and grass, it was somehow the most beautiful morning I could remember for some time, I would go to say it was the most beautiful morning ever, maybe this was just because I’ve lived in the city centre for so long and I miss how it feels to be near nature.

I am by nature a country boy, I grew up in a small village on Anglesey in North Wales, my playground was acres and acres of fields, beaches where only six miles away, the Snowdonia mountains only fifteen from my home, closer in the summer when we spent our time in Caernarfon. It really was a magical place to grow up, I can remember standing in the grass in my bare feet, the morning dew feeling so nice between my toes as I played with it, today I almost felt like doing the same all over again.

But this is city life in the 21st century, its far more pleasing for people to play on there iPhone’s than engage in some more basic instincts, but really what’s more strange? me enjoying some wet grass between my feet, or the person walking past me, twittering to the would about the strange guy on the grass with no shoes on. It sometimes makes me feel that this society is less tolerant for being yourself than most people would think Ireland to be, but maybe the whole world is like this, or is it just a city thing? perhaps i really have been away from wales for to long.

I did enjoy my morning walk , I  wondered if Ciara was also enjoying the fresh morning, I looked down to a pink bobble hat and a mass of blonde hair being carried by a defiant stride that meant “I don’t want to be here but lets just get there so I can be warm” I was not quite sure how a 9yo could be so cranky, so I left her and wondered if she will have any fond memories of mornings like this, or if city children just dream of central heating instead.

I just read this article in the Guardian

It got me thinking about the events in my timeline and if its just the major events that can cause a split or can small events also change the timeline?, Or has the event got to happen on a Quantum level?.

Lets say if it was just major events. If i cast my mind back to a major event i can almost say with certainty that this must have happened at some point, when i was 18 i fell 35ft off a cliff onto rocks, i broke my leg and foot and was in plaster for a good few months, two weeks later climbing instructor fell 25ft onto rocks and died instantly, in this case there must be a world where he is walking around feeling lucky to be alive and i am not, or even we are both gone or both alive, at the two moments in time for both of us that universes split, if the threoy is correct for major events in our lives then all of them must be possible.

If it was just minor events or at least ones that seem minor, then me flying to the states is one i can remember, there was a moment, i looked at the plane and felt strange, almost like part of me turned and walked away, i honestly can see that at that point part of me maybe walked off and did not get on that plane and got on the bus instead, creating a different reality again to the one i am now in, for example i would not now be writing this blog, imagine one choice could create another universe.

The idea that each and every action in the world would create a split in the timeline would mean the amount of universes would be staggering, perhaps it is just major events in a timeline that can change and split a universe. Or maybe this is personal, perhaps there is for each of us our own personal universe, it could be that each universe in this world is linked to a rational being and that when the timeline for that being finally ends, so dose the universe that time line is on.

Consciousness of our own existence could well be our own universe. If the source of the lighting strike is our birth and each branch is a universe thats split off then all of the universes must come to a end when each branch finally is grounded or disperses in the air, each branch is a universe and when the strike has all gone then so has the universes and all space and time for that Consciousness ends.

In the world of philosophy and science, experiments like the hadron collider can create a exciting and enlightening topics of discussion that we might not have thought of before.

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