Collaborations of Abstraction

Warning Signs

Posted on: September 24, 2014

Your love is the closest thing I’ve felt

To what I’m missing now

What I grew up with then

Ding Ding Ding!

Did I get the right answer?

Or is that a warning bell?

I blame pop culture

Tricking me with pretty pictures

Baiting me with twisted stories

Catchy songs

But here’s a friendly reminder

Of where I’ll be when the dust clears

Magic doesn’t matter

Fate cast its lot

I’ll listen to my head this once

My heart’s misinformed

I’ll let it keep this view of us

Because this dog learned some tricks

It can’t unlearn

I’ll drive away from

What looks like home

I never stuck around there long anyway


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Collaborations of Abstraction

Two close (though, unfortunately, not in proximity) friends – a Welsh man living in Ireland and a Minnesotan woman living in Germany – come together to share musings, wit and random things of interest in this journey called life



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