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Know your enemy

Posted on: June 24, 2010

I don’t condone violence. But for this writer, sometimes a little ass kicking via prose is necessary. Hell, it’s even warranted.

girl fight

I’m sick and tired of being your doormat. I can’t handle listening to you tell me that everything I do is wrong. You contradict yourself. You make me contradict myself. What kind of twisted cycle is this?

I can’t take you anywhere, yet I take you everywhere. You make meeting new people almost impossible, and even my oldest friends have grown weary of your bullshit. I’m through making up excuses.

I’m done with you. No person in their right mind would have held onto you as long as I have. I guess I am a little too nice. Your snide little comments have gone from hurtful to nauseating to pathetic. Pack your bags.

Suddenly you’re so quiet. You’ve always been so vocal when you’re leading the charge. What say you when a worthy adversary shows up? All bark and no bite? And the bully is exposed for what it truly is: a coward.

What’s that? You’ve got nowhere else to go? You should have thought about that before you alienated everything you knew in order to make yourself feel bigger than you are. There are plenty of lost spirits bumping into eachother out there. You might meet a kindred. But that’s not my problem.

You haven’t been my problem for years. My issue was letting go of you. Now that I’ve finally grown up, I’m kicking you to the curb. And you can fuck off if you think you can search the couch cushions for change before you leave.


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7 Responses to "Know your enemy"


Remind me never to piss you off

Haha don’t worry hon. You can piss me off if it’s warranted. You’re a good friend and would never treat me so poorly ๐Ÿ™‚ Hee hee but I don’t mince words when I get upset, do I?

Nope you don’t, and don’t worry I’ve never seen a reason to piss you off ๐Ÿ™‚ your far to nice

I’m a little late to the party but unless I’m way off base here, my guess is this is a woman v. self/part of self kind of conflict.

Jennifer! I say fashionably late, if anything. And you’re completely right: it’s my letter to the inner critic in me. She still bangs on my door at night to let her in sometimes like a junkie friend who needs money. Not a chance bitch.

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