Collaborations of Abstraction

Just in case you forgot, ladies:

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Tank girl

Shepherd of legions

Tougher than a lion(ess)

Beautiful snare

Vegetarian man eater


Sunday morning graveyard

Nude phoenix

Portal to another wonderland

Barefoot chronicler

The white rabbit

Eve outside her dimension

Sarah Connor

Dragon warrior

Alien espionage

Inspired by my cousin’s writing


2 Responses to "Just in case you forgot, ladies:"

I inspired things? Rather than the other way around?
Geez :O
I’m honored! Thank you, Becca! ♥

Oh Sarah! Inspiration comes from many places. And you have been inspiring me since the day you asked me for advice on becoming a writer! xoxox!

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Collaborations of Abstraction

Two close (though, unfortunately, not in proximity) friends – a Welsh man living in Ireland and a Minnesotan woman living in Germany – come together to share musings, wit and random things of interest in this journey called life



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