Collaborations of Abstraction

Who knew it could be this easy?

Posted on: January 22, 2010

It’s National Squirrel Appreciation Day today. I thought this was pretty awesome for a number of reasons. One being that unless you live in the city, squirrels are totally cute and friendly. But also, when I was a high schooler many high school boys tormented me for some unknown reason. They called me and my girlfriends Squirrels and generally made life hell.

I don’t consider my high school experience worse than a lot of others. Being an adolescent sucks. High school is lame. And I know that you can’t know that until you go through it.

What I will say is this: I appreciate squirrels. And I appreciate myself. I can’t complain about much in my life. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud…a squirrel-shaped one perhaps?

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.


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Collaborations of Abstraction

Two close (though, unfortunately, not in proximity) friends – a Welsh man living in Ireland and a Minnesotan woman living in Germany – come together to share musings, wit and random things of interest in this journey called life



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