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Yah we are sorry, whatever!

Posted on: November 13, 2009

This might be a first, a reporter at FOX news apologizing to Jon Stewart, ill let you savor the moment for a while….

Ok done?

Good then i can continue.

What i would like to ask is this, it acceptable for FOX to miss represent the news like this with no penalties?  can we regulate broadcasting companys without infringing on free speech?  and what is the difference between free speech and lying?

I’m now going to tactfully not answer any of the questions above, I am European after all and yes we do do things differently, we do over regulate but if the BBC or BSkyB had done this then i know they would face a backlash, they would also have to make a sincere apology to the public, for some reason i feel better knowing that. I’m all for free speech but i really do find lying to be distasteful, no real harm has come from this unlike some news that is spread around, this however gets me thinking, is there a credible news source in America anymore? (i’m not saying FOX is credible for one second) If so please point me towards it.

Then again i also have to accept this, if stuff like this did not happen then Jon Stewart would have no material and that would be Americans biggest loss.


3 Responses to "Yah we are sorry, whatever!"

There are laws against libel and slander here. That being said, freedom of speech and the press is something that is taken very seriously here. And in the UK, things are definitely different–let’s just say I’m happy I’m not a journalist there.

But I’m reminded of a lyric in a great song: The freedom of the press is meaningless if nobody has a question.

This is not really Libel or Slander, i would say its just plain lying.

I think since the Lisbon treaty Ive been getting more bemused by how information is presented to the public.

I would also add that I’ve watched my mother go from liberal thinker like myself to someone who is quite right wing, and its caused arguments because i know the stuff she is talking about is coming from what she is reading, and it has saddened me that one thing we had in common has now gone and that a intelligent woman is believing miss truths, now we don’t talk as much because it can end up in a row.

Anyway i’m not trying to dis the way you do things in the states, its more that i’m trying to find a understanding, maybe it just feels a little personal now aswell

No dis 🙂

As far as the U.S. is concerned though, as long as you don’t libel or slander, you have the right to print/air what you want. Just look at my post about Fox News 🙂

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