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Good Mornings and cranky blondes

Posted on: November 10, 2009

I was walking my friends daughter to school this morning, it was a crisp fresh morning and we walked down a small pathway surrounded by trees and grass, it was somehow the most beautiful morning I could remember for some time, I would go to say it was the most beautiful morning ever, maybe this was just because I’ve lived in the city centre for so long and I miss how it feels to be near nature.

I am by nature a country boy, I grew up in a small village on Anglesey in North Wales, my playground was acres and acres of fields, beaches where only six miles away, the Snowdonia mountains only fifteen from my home, closer in the summer when we spent our time in Caernarfon. It really was a magical place to grow up, I can remember standing in the grass in my bare feet, the morning dew feeling so nice between my toes as I played with it, today I almost felt like doing the same all over again.

But this is city life in the 21st century, its far more pleasing for people to play on there iPhone’s than engage in some more basic instincts, but really what’s more strange? me enjoying some wet grass between my feet, or the person walking past me, twittering to the would about the strange guy on the grass with no shoes on. It sometimes makes me feel that this society is less tolerant for being yourself than most people would think Ireland to be, but maybe the whole world is like this, or is it just a city thing? perhaps i really have been away from wales for to long.

I did enjoy my morning walk , I  wondered if Ciara was also enjoying the fresh morning, I looked down to a pink bobble hat and a mass of blonde hair being carried by a defiant stride that meant “I don’t want to be here but lets just get there so I can be warm” I was not quite sure how a 9yo could be so cranky, so I left her and wondered if she will have any fond memories of mornings like this, or if city children just dream of central heating instead.


3 Responses to "Good Mornings and cranky blondes"

Very nice Iain. I’m with you on every count. I used to think it’s a city thing to spend all your time on the phone and forget about what’s around you, but I’m not so sure these days.

P.S. I told you you would miss the cold if you lived in So. Cal 🙂 This just proves it.

The. New. Tittle. Is. Spingsmorings

Ciara read it and wanted to leave a reply 🙂

Rebecca sorry for the late reply but yes, you might have a point 🙂

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