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Irresponsible journalism at its best

Posted on: October 18, 2009

Most of us will know of the sad death of Steven Gately, The Boyzone star who died of natural causes last week, sadly though many of us also now know about Jan Moir, the Daily Mail columnist who has sparked a massive internet outrage with her article “Why there was nothing ‘natural’ about Stephen Gately’s death” . At first i avoided reading the article however after enough posts on Twitter and Facebook  decided to pop over to the Daily Mail website and dirty myself by reading it.

I’m still a little shocked that i just read an article in a mainstream newspaper, to think that Jan Moir has just openly bashed someone’s lifestyle before he was even buried is shocking at best, but to suggest that the post-mortem was lying when they said it was natural causes is just plain stupid. I’m still trying to work out what she is suggesting, that the cannabis he smoked killed him? or that him and his partner bringing back a strange man is what killed him? maybe if that strange man had murdered him then yes, unnatural cause and maybe a bad choice in men, seeing as this was ruled out in the post-mortem we can forget any of these sensational claims and just accept the fact that his death was unfortunate and natural, however Jan thinks something else is going on, not with any proof of course.

Jan also goes on to question civil partnerships and to make links with the death of Kevin McGee former husband of little Britain star Matt Lucas, is she suggesting that this happens in same sex marriages? of course in Mixed marriages its 100% monogamy and there is no cases of murder and abuse in them, Really it was quite unreal to read such a comment against civil partnership, something she claims to support but quite clearly she has mixed feelings on the whole issue, it’s a shame she has not provided a intelligent argument other than “Being gay is bad for your health”  it makes you wonder what else is bad for our health in Jan’s world.

This however is no surprise to me, for a long time now the Daily Mail has been a paper that enjoys pushing a right wing agenda down the throats of the rest of us. I refuse to read this paper most of the time as they have a habit of blaming Immigrants for pretty much everything that is wrong in the UK, even the latest population boom in the country was due to immigration according to the Daily Mail. This article by Jan Moir however just proves my point that there is no real bad journalism in the Daily Mail, just bigoted and Irresponsible Journalism, which sadly works for them as they seem to enjoy the attention, my solution is to just not read it.

Original article with new title can be found here–.html

Charlie Brooker’s brilliant article from The Guardian


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